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John Barnett on The Cabin Fever Recordings from Cameron Ingalls on Vimeo.

We’re featuring a free song from The Cabin Fever Recordings over on today.

Taken from The Americana Congregation website:

The idea for “The Americana Congregation” came about as a group of friends were discussing the idea for a collective place to share and experience our unique musical styles, influences, thoughts, ideas, plans and general mischief.

A place for those outside of the “norm” of the industrial church music machine where style, lyrics and context can be explored, encouraged and enjoyed as we journey off the paved road and follow the path of most resistance.

Early in 20014 a group of friends got together at our place in Montana to record a collection of songs we had been working on for some time. Coming from places such as Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and California, we were locked away for several days putting down the tracks of what was to be known as the “Cabin Fever Recordings”.

Our Thoughts:

Great to hear music from John & Marie Barnett (along with friends). You’ll most likely recognize their names as the authors of one of the mid-90s most influential worship songs, Breathe.

The Americana feel, one that melds folk, rock, blues, and country, makes this album stand out like a bright lighthouse in an ocean of monotonous modern worship projects. From the southern rock boogie anthem Revival Boogie to the sweet and inspirational Folk ballad Gentle Shepherd, these songs are dripping with musical authenticity and lyrical depth.

John Barnett – Revival Boogie | Cabin Fever Recordings from Cameron Ingalls on Vimeo.

There’s something for everyone on this project. Lots of guitars, electric and acoustic. Lots of raw vocals, with lots of gather around the mic harmonies.

Although this project takes the road less traveled as far as what many a modern worship project sound like, it is a wonderful listen. Many of the songs could easily be adapted for congregational worship regardless of your style preference.

Stand out songs:

Gentle Shepherd (download it free on – Marie Barnett’s vocals shine on this folk ballad.
Sweeter Than Honey – a beautiful guitar driven folk ballad that features Ryan Delmore on vocals.
King of Grace – Get on the train and get read for a locomotive groove that sets the foundation for rich layers of “around the mic” vocals that sing about the faithfulness of the Lamb in life and death.
These Dry Bones – A soulful, folk, bluegrass tune that features vocals by Ryan Delmore reminiscent of Union Station.
Revival Boogie – a good old fashioned southern rock blues boogie featuring John Barnett on vocals that takes the groove for a 12 bar blues-esque walk with some honky tonk piano and driving guitars.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, this is a great independent project! We highly recommend it!

Buy The Cabin Fever Recordings on iTunes | Website:

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