How to Record your original worship Song (& still pay your bills)


Back in 2011 I co-wrote a worship song that was special. I’d led other originals at church in the past, but the response to this one was different – the first time I led it, I could hear voices singing along before I even finished the first chorus – by the end of it, the room was at a roar! As my band travelled to other churches & festivals this proved to be the response everywhere we went. This had never happened before – God had entrusted to me something special, so I did what I was encouraged to do at the time: run a Kickstarter campaign! After anxiously raising just under $6,000 I procured a Grammy Award winning producer, & gave that song WINGS! It was exciting, but very stressful as well – my wife made me promise to never do another Kickstarter, for starters! But was there another way?

Now there is!

Last year I became friends with Matt Osgood – worship pastor, songwriter, & engineer/producer at WorshipSongRecording. WSR is an all-inclusive, in-house recording facility that specializes in taking rough demos of original worship songs, & with a little input from the writer, bringing them to life at a budget you can likely afford! I listened to a few of their demos (<–click on the link – it’s good stuff!) & was pleased with what I heard, so I thought I’d stretch them a bit & see what they were really capable of.

My band, Saint Lewis, released an album back in ’10 which we were happy with, but was no longer representative of our sound or songwriting style. We only still played one song from that release live, but we had since exchanged our Fender Rhodes & Hammond B3 for synths & loops, so my challenge was this: take our original song, “Wandering Heart”, & re-create it, using two of our current influences – MuteMath & Imagine Dragons – as a reference!

Now, WSR offers multiple products from quality demos to help you pitch your song, all the way to album quality recordings – I went for the later, thinking that if the song turned out as I’d hoped, I’d include it as a bonus track on our new CD.

This is what they sent me in response to my request, with a turn-around time that left my jaw on the floor!:

As far as recording services go, this can’t be beat. Even if you’re not a vocalist, they have their own staff singers on-hand to bring your song to life. Have you written a song that’s impacting your church & you’d like to see if it’s capable of more? Now there are no excuses – email today to get the process rolling.

Highly recommended!

Shannon Lewis is “The Worship Community Guy“. Passionate about helping others respond to God, & training people who are passionate about the same, Shannon also blogs at SaintLewisMusic, where you can grab his free eBook, UNSEASONED: How to see Godly Growth in an Inexperienced Worship Team. His latest CD, Morning will Come, including the song “Wandering Heart (reimagined)“, releases May 18th.