How to Train a Worship Volunteer to be a Worship Leader


Imagine this scene. It’s Sunday morning. You’re somewhere in the congregation, maybe 4 or 5 rows back. You’re singing to the Lord along with your church family. Their voices co-mingle with yours. This rare moment yields a refreshing wave in your soul.

You look up to see the worship leader. No, it’s not a guest artist. It’s one of your worship team volunteers. They are leading the church with confidence and passion.

Okay, back to reality. Is this a familiar picture or only something from your dreams? Most worship leaders are the only ones in their church capable of leading for a service. Finding a replacement if you’re sick, taking a trip, or nearing burnout is almost impossible. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 4 steps to take someone from a rotational volunteer to a worship leader.

1. See The Potential And Feed The Fire
Always be on the lookout for individuals who may be potential worship leaders. Do they have raw musical talent? Strong people skills? A heart for serving the Lord? If so, show your support and challenge them to take the next step.

2. Allow Them To Lead A Song
Next, work with them to find a song they are passionate about and feel strong and confident in. During rehearsal have them lead the band and give instruction just as you normally would. This helps them get the feel for leading the team and you can observe them in action.

3. Co-Lead For A Service
Once they’ve become a strong song leader organize a service for the two of you to co-lead. Have them lead half of the songs. Consider having them welcome the congregation or pray. This also allows the congregation to get to know them and feel comfortable with their leadership.

4. Give Them A Chance
Finally, let them lead. They may choose the setlist and run the rehearsal or you might release these responsibilities gradually. Use discernment and consider where they’re at in their development. Be gracious with their mistakes. Understand they may be nervous. But let them lead.

This process could take anywhere from 3-12 months but it’s so worth it. Just keep communication open and have fun.

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Brenton Collyer is a Worship Pastor and Worship Leader Mentor from Monterey California. Brenton’s Fall Worship Leader Mentorship is launching on on October 1st. If you are hoping to grow as a leader, join him and a small group of worship leaders for this transformational experience.