Wow! Look At This Beautiful Palm Sunday Intro Video by C4 Church


From Chris Vacher (

“We launched our Easter series this past Sunday at C4 with Palm Sunday. I wanted to share some of the pieces we put together leading up to and during the worship service.”

“Rather than creating a series bumper video like we’d normally have we put together this video leading in to the sermon. This was shot by a videographer in our church and the concept developed by an artist in our church who you see in this video. It was shot on our stage and came together as a really great element for our services.”

Beautifully done, C4!

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Chris Vacher is the worship arts pastor at C4 Church in Ajax, Ontario. He has written several informative and helpful FREE ebooks for worship leaders which are available on his blog. You can contact him on his blog or on twitter (@chrisfromcanada).