Words of Encouragement: An Experience From A TWC Member


Thanks to TWC member Trent Smith for sharing this experience with us.

Yesterday I was putting down my guitar after church when two 10-year-old girls came running up on stage (have you noticed that 10-year-old girls always come in pairs?).

They had that vibe about them…that “I’m-about-to-do-the-bravest-thing-I-have-ever-done” vibe.

One of the girls looked right in my eye and announced, at breathless warp speed, “I wrote a song about God and I want to sing it for you……unless you are busy right now.”

Of course I was intrigued, but there was something more – something inside me that said “Trent, this is the most important moment of your day, don’t miss it.”

She caught her breath and with the resolution of a diver leaving the high platform for the first time she sang. The song was simple, catchy and brilliant.

I found her key on the guitar and starting playing along. When she finished I told her it was fantastic.

She seemed to grow about 4 inches and she told me “It’s my third song. My Sunday school teacher said I should sing it for you.” I said “I am SO glad that you did. How would you feel about singing it for the whole church?”

She looked like she was going to faint for a second and then took a deep breath and said “I think I could do that.”

As overwhelmed as she was, walking out yesterday, I think perhaps I was more so. To think that God would allow me the position and opportunity to affirm and encourage her…to see her joy – the moment that artists all remember so well, when we realized that our ache to create beauty was a calling from God. It is profound and humbling. It gives perspective to why I am doing what I am doing.

The first line of her chorus is stuck in my head “Life’s too precious and short to waste it.”