WOMEN IN WORSHIP: “the Life behind the Lyric” by Krissy Nordhoff


WOMEN IN WORSHIP is a new series where we ask women worship leaders to share nuggets of wisdom to encourage other women, & worship leaders in general. Today, worship leader/songwriter Krissy Nordhoff asks us to consider “the Life behind the Lyric“.

You know the artists, but have you ever wondered who writers behind the songs that you lead?

Many haven’t.  They so trust the artist or band that recorded the song, & that is usually all it takes.  That is a great thing – they usually are experts at gathering the good stuff!  However, there is another way to view songs we sing.

I would encourage you to study the songwriters.  Look at their life – what they have lived through – their journeys with the Lord.  Finding one with a similar heart as you or your church could really bless you, & lead you to discover other songs that might serve your church well!

I was talking to a worship pastor friend of mine lately, Jason Hinkle, & what he said was enlightening.  He was talking about the history of church music, & how so many times the written Word was not available.  Because of this, theology was taught through songs.  And though sometimes we don’t see it that way, songs are still teaching theology. 

There is always a life behind the lyric, & a mind behind the melody.  There are writers that share your heart, your views, your journey, your theology.  Seek them out!  Study them.  Know the hearts that birthed what you bring into your churches.  Find more of their songs if you think it lines up with your hearts and beliefs.   Learn to trust them like a good friend!


Krissy Nordhoff, a staff songwriter for Integrity Music, is best known for her song “Your Great Name“, popularized by Natalie Grant.  Based in Franklin, TN, Krissy mentors female songwriters via the her monthly GIRL’S WRITE OUT, & the BRAVE WORSHIP conference, with Maribeth Dodd.

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