Why You Should Write Songs For Your Church


The truth is, there are so many incredible songs being written for the Church.  Worship leaders, worship artists, & churches are all producing powerful, God-honoring songs for us to lead in our local church.

If you’ve ever felt the stirring in your heart to write a worship song – a song you may sing in your church – the first question you’ve probably asked is “why?”. Why write another song? Do I have anything to say? Could I possibly write a better song than the ones I’ve adopted?

These are valid questions – ones I’ve wrestled through when God first put it on my heart to be diligent about writing songs for my local church.

Let me offer an answer to these three questions.

Q: Why Write Another Song?
A: There Will Always Be Fresh Expressions Of Timeless Truths.  

The more I study scripture, the more I encounter the living God, & the more convinced I become that there could not possibly be enough songs to celebrate Him.

Take moment to read through Psalm 146:6-9.  Did you find 10 descriptions of God?

Read Colossians 1:15-20.  Did you find 10 descriptions of Jesus Christ?

That’s 20 great songs right there!

I believe the primary purpose of the songs in our gatherings is to Honor God.  Sometimes this is done through sung prayers, yet others songs can be “mobile theology”.  If this is the case there are literally hundreds of themes to center songs around.

Q: Do I Have Anything To Say?
A: Write With Specific Themes For Your Church Family

I once wrote a song as a prayer that God would make us poor in spirit.  This was an effort to reaffirm the theme from Matthew 5:3.  What is a theme your church is learning about right now? Could you write a song to help that theme sink deeper into our soul?

The Apostle Paul wrote letters to seven different churches.  Each church was in a different location, surrounded by a different culture, & dealing with different things.  This is reflected in the very different language and themes that Paul uses when writing to them. What if Paul had written a letter to one church & just sent it to all seven?  Often there is a timely word for a specific church in a specific place and time.  Don’t assume the latest song written in Australia or Redding or North Carolina is the best song for your local church.

Q: Could I Possibly Write A Better Song Than The Ones I’ve Adopted?
A: Songwriting Is An Opportunity To Use Our Creative Gifts For God’s Glory

Honestly, most of us could not write a better song than the ones that have come to be sung in thousands of churches around the world.  And that’s okay.

If God has given you a gift and passion to write songs be obedient.  Walk in it.  This isn’t an excuse to write bad songs.  Write the best song you can and if the Lord leads, share it!

What if every Pastor stopped preaching because we could just play a video from our favorite world class preacher?

What if every writer stopped writing because we could all just read that best seller?

What if every painter stopped painting because we could enjoy something better at the museum?

Ephesians tells us we were created for good works that we might walk in them.  If songwriting is one of the things you were created for walk in it!

What are some of the reasons you’ve written songs for your church?

What doubts have kept you from writing?

Share in the comments below!


Brenton Collyer is the Worship Pastor & Creative Director at Calvary Monterey in Monterey, CA, & blogs regularly at BentonCollyer.com.