“Until My Voice Is Gone” by Travis Ryan – Video and Song Story


This has been an interesting week for me as a worship leader – my voice is gone! This past Sunday, I woke up and could barely speak. Thanks to the faithful prayers of many friends, God sustained my voice through the Sunday morning services up until the last song of the last service. For our 5:00 prayer service that night, though, I had to rely on other singers to lead, and I just played the keys. Sometimes that happens, and thank God for the body of Christ that surrounds you and fills in the gaps. So needless to say, my attention was drawn to this new song by Travis Ryan, “Until My Voice Is Gone.”

Travis wrote this powerful anthem of praise that encourages the worshipper, in light of all that Christ has done for them and who He is, to be willing to worship with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength – even until their strength is gone. The bridge says:

“So when we’ve exhausted every single way
With our bodies weak and with our voices strained
You are still the song in us that never ends
We can’t help but stand and start it all again”

Watch this video to learn how this song came to be, and the inspiration behind it.

Written by Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins, Michael Farren. Copyright © 2015 Integrity Worship Music, Travis Ryan Music, Integrity’s Alleluia! Music, Farren Love & War, Brandon Michael Collins Music. CCLI Number: 7049011.

Find this song at Ryan’s website.