TWC Member “Saint Lewis” Releases First Single: Your Mighty Hand


We are proud to announce that Shannon Lewis, a TWC member and regular contributor, released the single, Your Mighty Hand, today on iTunes.



Chord Charts:

Your Mighty Hand – Key of B (PDF) | Your Mighty Hand – Key of G capo 4 (PDF)

From Shannon:

Today “Your Mighty Hand” is released on iTunes, a feat we couldn’t have done without the help of many who believe in us, & I have to admit: I’m PROUD of this song. As a piece of art, it is a part of me: my baby, presented before the world… but in this case, that’s not the most important.

This is not just creative self-expression.

It’s not mere entertainment.

Look behind the radio-friendly production & hear the overflow of our hearts: I need God… I need more than simply a far off deity who is powerful enough to spin the world into existence but hardly gives a thought to me now… I need more than a sappy lover who pours out his/her heart in hopes that I’ll respond.

I need God: a big God – King of the Universe – to whom the storms & waves answer with a Word – who not only made it all, but sustains it moment by moment, lest we unravel into nothingness – who not only was active in the beginning, but moment by moment is actively at work in the here and now.  I need God: a loving father – my daddy – who it not only able to work miracles on my behalf, but loves me enough to bother – who reaches out His mighty hand to grab me out of the pit & set me upon a firm foundation, even when the whole world beneath me appears to be crumbling away.  God, I need Your mighty hand to save me – an anchor firm in raging seas… hold me… never let me go.

Given the faith walk that my wife & I are currently on, I need to be regularly remind of “Your Mighty Hands“.

So, here it is: our prayer to a big, strong, good, Daddy… and a song which will – God-willing – serve Christ’s body well in directing their eyes upwards during these troubling (& promising?) times.

Thanks for giving it a listen.  Your prayers for whatever comes next are appreciated.  Thanks for being awesome!

Shannon (& Cyle) Lewis

Please support COMMUNITY music and buy Shannon’s single! And let us know if you use it in your worship settings!