Top Upbeat Praise & Worship Songs of 2012



A common question we receive here at The Worship Community and a very highly searched term in general is: What are the top upbeat praise and worship songs? It seems there are times when we just struggle to find that perfect “top of the setlist” opener that will not only break the ice but also sincerely call people to worship effectively. If you’re like me sometimes it can be a struggle to find those songs.

Well, we scoured the the top 25 lists from October 2011 through Sept 2012 and came up with this list of upbeat songs. We’ve included songs that could also be considered “moderate tempo” because with enough energy and the proper arrangement they will work just as well.

Keep in mind these are songs that are reported through CCLI and might not include the newest, greatest, “hot” worship songs out today, but is a list of what churches from all over are reporting as being used regularly.

We know this list goes back to a year and a half ago, but if you’ve not introduced these songs to your congregation yet, they are great options and have proven well, as reflected by their rankings in the CCLI charts. These include new songs and older songs as well.

Included is the name of the song (linked to the ccli song page which includes lyrics, lead sheets, chord sheets, audio, vocal sheets, and copyright info); the author(s); and the ccli number (also linked to ccli song page).

Top Upbeat Worship Songs of 2012:

Notable Songs in the Top 100 SongSelect & Top 100 CCLI charts (as of February 2013):

Notable NEW songs that aren’t yet listed in the top 100: