Tommy Walker’s “Song of the Week”


Tommy Walker has always been one of my favorite songwriters, and I’ve appreciated his worship music through the years immensely. His commitment to writing new songs for the church is unmatched, and he is an inspiration to those who aspire to provide the church with new songs praise. Some of Tommy’s songs include “He Knows My Name”, “That’s Why We Praise Him” and “We Will Remember.” That’s why I was excited to hear Tommy’s announcement this week about his new “Song of the Week” endeavor.

Beginning this month, Tommy will be posting a new song every week for an entire year! That’s a lot of new songs! You can follow his songwriting journey on his Youtube channel. What a great resource for the church! Watch the video above to hear all about it.

The first week’s song is already up, and it’s posted below. This first song is called “You Are Mine” and is performed by Tommy Walker and his daughter Emmie. Enjoy!