This Sunday Will be our 1000th Post!


Thanks to all of you, our readers and our contributors, for  making The Worship Community a great place to discuss all things worship as we near 1,000 posts!

Here’s a little history:

The Worship Community was founded in 2007 by Fred McKinnon and was built around our forums, which are still up and running today! Around 2009, Russ Hutto came on as the Editor of The Worship Community and we continued to build our main site with the forums continuing to being one of our central places of engagement.

What’s Happening Today:

Today, we continue to have a lot of engaging discussion on our forums and our main site articles are informative and helpful to our readers. Although we are not solely a review site, we do occasionally post great reviews.

We also have a resource site called which offers a free weekly worship-related resource.

And we’ve just launched a simple, yet inspiring, podcast for those of you who enjoy listening to great worship related content.


It’s a weekly 3-6 minute worship-related audio encouragement from our Editor or Founder (and guests).

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If you love great, worship-related content, we also have a mailing list. we’ll send the occasional sponsor message, but it’s mostly the opportunity for you to choose our daily Morning Edition digest email or our master mailing list, which gets you occasional news and worship related resources.


Thank you community! Here’s to thousands more posts!