TheWorshipCommunity.Com v2.0


Just a little over one year ago, a vision was born. A vision to bring worship leaders, musicians, singers, technicians, pastors, and anyone else who’d call themselves a “worshiper” together in a community. A vision where you could be encouraged, edified, and equipped. A place where you could ask questions, offer advice, or help a friend. A place of synergy, where you could exchange creative ideas, share testimonies and worship service experiences.

That was born with the launch of TheWorshipCommunity.Com in early 2007 with our forums. Today over 1,000 (and growing daily) worshipers are members of this growing network. At any given time, you can find other members in the forums discussing issues related to worship leadership, church leadership, music, and technology.

I’ve been so blessed to see this community grow over the last year. I’ve smiled and cried with gratitude as I’ve seen how God has taken this vision and made it bigger and better than any one person could imagine. WIth moderators, members, and contributors from across the world, we’ve encouraged and equipped one another for over a year.

Now we celebrate the launch of v2 … the expanded version of TheWorshipCommunity.Com. Our vision is to bring relevant content to the worship community and to continue equipping, encouraging, and discussing “everything worship”. With a network of writers, bloggers, editors, technicians, worship leaders, musicians, and pastors, our goal is to jump down into the trenches with each of you. TheWorshipCommunity.Com is about networking and building with your peers. We’ve all been in those same trenches … staff meetings, worship planning, song selection battles, audio/video technical disasters, budget cuts, retreats, conferences … we’ve celebrated the joy of “making it count” on a Sunday where our people engage in corporate worship, and we’ve agonized in the defeats of strained relationships, poor leadership, and battles over musical style, technological advances, and time management.

Our desire is to author practical, helpful content and capture existing content that we’ve discovered through a wealth of blogs, forums, and communities. Yes, we’d like to be professional. Yes, we’d like to be casual. Yes, we’d like to be honest … real … authentic … and Yes, we’d like for you to be a part of this great community.

So checkout the articles in the growing selection of related categories. Make this site your own by commenting on the articles. Take your discussion even further by creating your own discussions, or replying to existing ones in our forums.

Special thanks goes out to the round table of early adopters, contributors, advisors, and friends who have volunteered great amounts of time and energy to make v2 happen.

Chris Moncus (graphics, theme layout, coding, design)
Travis Paulding (technical director of SSCC, contributor, advisor)
Joel Klampert (blogger, contributor, visionary, advisor, marketing/design)
Russ Hutto (advisor, contributor, blogger)
Brooke Sellers (editing)

Welcome to TheWorshipCommunity.Com, v2.0.

For the Kingdom,

Fred McKinnon, Founder
Fred McKinnon is the Worship Director for St. Simons Community Church and is the founder of TheWorshipCommunity.Com. He blogs daily at