The Worship Community Loves YOUR Voice


We at The Worship Community would like to extend our continued thanks and appreciation for all of you who continue to be a part of our community.

Whether through weekly participation in Sunday Setlists, where people from all over share their experiences, testimonies, struggles, ideas, problems/solutions, and song setlists from their worship gatherings each week…

…Or whether over in the TWC forums discussing ‘all things worship’ with brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world…

…or if you’re a regular reader of our articles here on the front page.

Thank you! Thanks for being a part of building and nurturing this community.

Another area in our community that WE LOVE here at TWC is our contributors. Over the years we’ve had some GREAT content shared with us by folks just like you who are ‘in the trenches’ doing ministry day in and day out. Folks in big churches, and small churches, and everything in between. Folks in established traditional churches and folks in brand new church plants.

We’ve had folks from many denominational backgrounds contribute insight and perspective to this community and we’re RICHER for it. We’ve even published controversial posts that stirred the pot a little, so that we could discuss and learn and grow with each other.

Thank you for your voice!

If you’d like to contribute to TWC, we’d love to consider your articles, blog posts, essays, ideas, etc.

We’d love to hear from:

  • Worship Leaders (full-time and part-time)
  • Musicians (people who make up the worship bands, orchestras, and choirs)
  • Tech people (staff and volunteer)
  • Creative types (who use their creative arts in worship gatherings: photography, design, dance, art, etc.)
  • Congregation Members (yep, this is the WORSHIP community, not just the worship leaders on staff community!)
  • And anyone else who has a heart for our worship gatherings (specifically those moments that we plan and lead under the direction of The Holy Spirit each week!)

How to contribute:

  • Get your best THREE (3) articles/ideas together (they can be blog posts, word documents, forum posts, etc.)
  • Email them to with “TWC CONTRIBUTOR” in the subject
  • We’ll look over your articles/ideas and contact you with our thoughts and potential steps moving forward.
  • Our community is “member driven” so contributions and re-publishes (of already existing blog posts) are VOLUNTEER basis. That means we don’t pay for contributions, but if you have a heart to share some of your perspectives and serve the community at large please consider sharing your ideas with TWC!
  • We DO include a brief bio with links back to your website and/or original blog posts (or article locations) if they exist online. This is a win/win for us both, you get a potential traffic drive to your website, and we get great content from folks living and doing ministry like you!
  • After we publish or republish your contribution, we can discuss your involvement with TWC on a regular or semi-regular basis, it’s all up to you! We have several contributors who allow us to syndicate their personal/ministry blogs on a regular basis, and we have others who write exclusively for us from time to time.

Contributing Via Music Reviews:

We also have a list of folks who are sent periodic notifications for worship albums to review. Folks on this list get to choose the albums they review and can participate as regularly or pseudo-regularly as they choose. To participate in this opportunity:

  • EmailĀ with “TWC PANEL REVIEWER” in the subject.
  • Include a brief bio with links back to your website, twitter, or facebook (whatever method you prefer to be contacted online).
  • Get yourself a dropbox account if you don’t have one. We use dropbox to share files.
  • Wait for the notifications of available reviews via email!

Reviews are usually brief, focus on the top 3-4 songs on the album, are usually combined with 3-4 other reviewers into one large panel review. The general review “culture” at TWC is not strong opinion pieces, but effectiveness and “use-ability” of the album/songs in the church at large.

We hope to hear YOUR voice soon at The Worship Community!

God Bless,

Russ Hutto
Editor, The Worship Community