The Six P’s of Planning a Worship Set


As “The Worship Community Guy” I never know who I might talk to. This past week, while attending the All About Worship conference in Franklin, TN, I found myself sitting besides Integrity Music Artist/Songwriter/Worship Leader, Greg Sykes. Our conversations ultimately led me here, & it’s a post worth sharing…

When I was a little boy, and on into my teen years I really struggled in school. I found it hard to keep my attention locked on my teachers, and it was the same out of school, whether I was listening to my parents or pastors teaching. Some days I STILL struggle with keeping my attention fixed for long periods of time! 

When I discovered Proverbs it instantly became one of my favorite books in the Bible. I loved how it offered clear, concise and powerful teachings in each chapter. I began to discipline myself to read just one chapter each morning as a time of devotion & realized I could cover the whole book each month.

Twelve years ago, when I first began leading worship at my church in our youth ministry, I came across an article called ‘The 5 P’s Of Worship Planning’ & found it to be really helpful as a guideline to preparing for Sunday mornings. It was short, easy to remember and packed with practical help. 

I’ve modified it a bit over the years, adding an extra P somewhere along the way and 12 years later at the very same church, I still turn to it weekly as a guideline when I’m choosing songs and preparing my heart to lead worship.” (Originally published at

Greg’s Ps for Worship Planning are Pastoral Direction, Prayer, Pliability, Planned Spontaneity, Prepare, & the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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