The Most Important Question You Can Ask: What is Our Vision?


Reposted with permission from Part 1 of a series titled: Tips For Taking Your Worship Team To The Next Level.

There is a question you should be asking that many worship leaders overlook. It’s a question so important that your ministry will rise and fall on it’s answer.

What is your vision?

  • To have cooler hair than Hillsong United
  • To laugh more than Kim Walker of Jesus Culture
  • To grow a sweeter mustache than Paul Baloche
  • To sing higher than Leeland
  • To be more creative than David Crowder
  • To write better songs than Matt Redman

Maybe those points aren’t a part of your vision :)The reason I say few worship leaders are asking this is because I notice a trend. Worship leaders pick songs, schedule the band, rehearse, lead worship, repeat. Not much vision is needed for that. There could be, but it’s also easy to adopt the routine and plow through.

It’s tempting to just “copy & paste” what is happening elsewhere without seeking God for your particular church.

I’m not trying to be arrogant and say we can’t use effective methods used by others. That is wonderful. But we shouldn’t just blindly do what is done elsewhere without seeking God for His heart. Let’s take it further. Why do you lead worship? What got you leading in the first place? Where are you leading your team? What messages are you communicating?

It’s also important for your vision to reflect your senior pastor’s vision. God has anointed your pastor to lead your church. Work with your pastor to develop a vision that will support the overall vision. Before you can take your team to the next level, you need to define this.

My personal vision for leading worship is to serve the body of Christ, equipping them to glorify God, experience the manifest presence of God, and raise up others to do the same.

I want young worship leaders to be raised up under my ministry. I want to experience the manifest presence of God in my church. I want God to receive all the glory. Because this is my vision, I will only invest in what accomplishes that vision.

Your vision doesn’t have to look like mine. But you should have something.

Question: What is your vision? Let’s share them in the comments. I think we’ll all be inspired and encouraged.