The Gift Of Memory


My wife started singing a song under her breath as she cleaned the kitchen.

My daughter Celeste, who had been singing a different song, soon began to sing the same song as Rita- again, this was unconscious on both their parts. They were no more aware of the singing than they were of breathing.

Sometimes Rita will say to me, “Guess what song is on my mind.”

Then she will sing some song that I wish I had never heard, some silly commercial or cheesy love song from the 80’s and… I can’t get that song out of my mind! I have to consciously replace it with another song and even then, when I least expect it, the cheesy song shows up in my brain (and sometimes on my lips) again.


Because God has given us music that comes with the gift of memory built-in.

So we can remember beer jingles and TV themes? No, so we can remember His Word and His goodness.

I think that music and memory is so engrained in us that we often take it for granted and we forget how powerful an influence it has on us. I want my mind and heart to be filled with the music of heaven, the sounds of the Kingdom of God.

Maybe that is one reason the scripture says “…be filled with the Spirit, singing and making melody in your heart- singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.”
Spread the sounds of the Kingdom.

Godrest and Godspeed,
David Baroni