The Generosity Of God


Patterns of thinking become ingrained after just a short time. I grew up with the concept that God was a harsh, demanding taskmaster that would only accept perfection- then dole out punishment when the inevitable failure happened.

I have been a “son of the Kingdom of God” for many years now and I know that the above description of God is… well, just plain wrong. However. it has taken me a long time to change my early mindset from one of fear to one of expectation of the generosity of God.

Granted, it was not just early training that instilled this wrong view of God. As a believer there were times when I encountered adversity that defied my attempts to pray it away, and I could see no natural or spiritual cause that precipitated what God had allowed. When the storm comes and things held dear get blown away, is God still generous?

As the whirlwind passes, so the wicked is no more but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.
(Proverbs 10:25)

Make no mistake, the wind blows and the rain falls for the just and the unjust. Somehow, God works His redemptive purposes and all things do work together for those who love God, who are the called according to His purposes.

The Potter knows just how to mold, fire and form us into vessels of honor. He lovingly holds us on the wheel and in the refining fire, turning a deaf ear to our pitiful cries- not because He is not compassionate, but precisely because He IS!!

He knows that what He is taking out of us (everything not like Jesus) and forming in us (everything that is!) will be pleasing to Him and enable us to live in peace, fruitfulness and victory. We are being conformed to the image of Christ and what a destiny, what a gift… what generosity!

I wrote a little song a few years ago:

My arms are much too short to box with God
My arms are much too short to box with God
He would win every time!
He would win every time.

Even when I am afraid
I have it made in the shade
It’s high time I understood
God is out to do me good!

Dare to believe that the message of the Kingdom is great news from a Generous God!