Team Communication Part Three; I Seriously Need To Clean My Lens


Communication – activity by one organism that changes or has the potential to change the behavior of other organisms.

This is one of the definitions of Communication and how it looks in the world of biology. We all are organisms. The church often works very hard at being an organization, when in reality, it is truly and organism.

Everything we do or say, has an effect. People are swayed left or right, daily. Message are thrown at them through the internet, TV, radio, billboards, newspaper. Each time a thought is given, a person processes that thought. In some way, it becomes a part of who they are.

So how do we take a group of people, bombarded by life and focus them on one thing? You communicate your vision.

We have to let the team see what we see. Vision is all about intent and purpose. The passions God has placed in our hearts are lived out in everyday life. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your heart is, there will your treasure be”. This is not about money. it is about passion and desire. Vision is born out of our passions and desires.  Everything we do communicates something about us. And where we place our time and resources, communicates where our heart is.

So, casting vision is all about sharing your heart and intent. We are all passionate people and we are looking for ways to serve and honor God. When a clear vision is given, an effect takes place and people are moved to serve and to lead.

One thing I can fail at is focus. Once you have vision, you have to continually focus and re-focus to keep vision in sight. I love what Craig Groeschel of has said, “Vision leaks”. He is so right. I have gone home many times after meeting with my team, only to be disappointed when I see them completely forget what I had just laid out. Vision is not usually the problem, focus is. Discipline and detail can keep us on task.

So communication is all about not losing sight. How does this happen?

It happens when process and detail is laid out.

In the next article we will finish up this series as we talk about handling the details.