Sunday’s Coming & We’re Exhausted – This Minibook Will Help You Set Your Pace


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Mandy Thompson is a great friend to The Worship Community and we are happy to showcase her new mini-book, The Pace Book, as a helpful resource for our readers.


As worship leaders and creative thinkers, we are always buzzing with the day-to-day, plus the roll of week-night practices and early-morning rehearsals. All while watching the rest of the world quiet down and sleep late on the weekends… So how do we navigate our unique weekly rhythm? And, good grief, how do we rest when we can’t shake that incessant “Sunday is coming” feeling?

Well, honestly? We just can’t afford to exhaust ourselves. We have to set a daily pace that works for us, and will carry us through until we get a weekend off. We find regular pockets of refreshing time. We create daily practices that refuel and reenergize us. We keep tabs on our inputs and energy levels, and make time for those side-passions that make us want to wake up earlier in the morning!

And *HOW* do we set that pace? This question is exactly why I wrote The Pace Book. It’s a mini-book that will walk you through the same questions I ask myself every time I need to modify my personal pace. You know your energy levels, you know what fires you up, you know your needs. And even though I give you examples of my answers, you have to answer for yourself. Through your personal and specific answers, you will build a sustainable creative pace.

So, take a few minutes — just a lunch break or a late-night quiet moment—and give the questions in this mini-book some thought. You’ll find a well of possibilities within you and, I don’t doubt, a plan for a sustainable pace to get you through the weeks and weekends! And why is this book so tiny? Hold it in your hand and you will understand. It’s doable. It’s not overwhelming. It’s simple. Because simple is sustainable and complicated is exhausting.

I’d love to hear your response to this simple mini-book! Send me any insights in a little note:


Once a full-time worship leader, Mandy Thompson is now a full-time mommy AND full-time artist, who stands alongside her brilliantly handsome preacher husband. And she also gets to bang on the drums at church on a regular basis. Her online home base is