ReVue: In This Place

Welcome to another “ReVue” from The Worship Community – where we ask several worship leaders to give their thoughts on albums and resources for worshipers.

Northwest Worship Live:  In This Place

Northwest Worship Live is a live worship recording captured September 21, 2008 at Northwest Bible Church.  Northwest Worship recently signed a publishing admin deal with Highest Praise Productions (parent company of TheWorshipCommunity.Com) and we look forward to sharing many of these songs, along with free chord charts and downloads on HighestPraise.Com over the coming months.

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The ReVue Team

From Jan Owen, the Minister of Worship Arts at The Brook in Madison, Alabama.

I was pleasantly surprised by this independent album from Northwest Bible Church,  and particularly enjoyed the original songs, which are memorable and touching. The vocals and band are solid and it is evident that this congregation enjoyed worshipping God together. This energy is evident and infectious as you listen, which is why I usually love live albums. I found myself singing along and worshipping with them!

From Alastair Vance,  who moved from Ireland to the States with his family in 2007.  He is very passionate about using music as a means to worship God and has lead worship for 15+ years.

I’ve been reviewing quite a few albums lately and this one was a welcome surprise. The album sounds very professional and the original songs are top-notch and for the most part suitable for all congregations. The album includes some cover songs but they are delivered in a fresh way by mixing with old favourites. These guys have a real heart for worship and the people of Northwest Bible Church are blessed to have such a group lead them into God’s presence.

From Joel Klampert, “Music Director, Worship leader, Youth Director, Marketing and Design Guy” at Lifepath Church in Middletown, RI

When I first received this CD I was really looking forward to diving into it because there were a few songs I already knew. I love hearing different interpretations of popular worship and this one fit the bill. I think overall Northwest Bible has created a very successful CD. The CD has a nice modern feel yet still uses the “choir” sound. The best CD I have ever heard do that was Michael Neale’s CD “No Greater Audience”. On ‘In This Place’ worship leader Travis uses this sound surprisingly well and I found it a great listen.

Track List

1. God You Are Able

Jan:  A great opening number that marries a melody of hope with some good ole’ southern rock guitar licks.

Alastair:  Very singable melody with a big chorus. Love the chorus.

Joel:  Overall I really liked this song. It is an original from the church and is very singable in a corporate setting. I can see using this one myself. I think the choir production needed more punch.

2. Everlasting God

Jan:  A familiar worship tune that reminds us that our strength is found as we wait on the Lord.

Alastair:  Great song pick and well covered by the band. We covered this recently on our church CD and the congregation loved it.

Joel:  A Brenton Brown classic. I was not a fan of the Lincoln Brewster version so this one is refreshing being brought back to the original sound

3. Meet Me In This Place

Jan: This is by far my favorite song of the whole album because it is raw and honest and gives us a song we can sing in those desperate times – I’d like to add this one to our worship rotation!

Alastair:  I like this song – the melody is a little different perhaps (which I like), but people should have no problem catching it. Groovy.

Joel:  Great strings intro. Another great original and more than usable. I was not a fan of the arrangement or the guitar on the chorus.

4. Thank You

Jan:  This didn’t catch my ear or heart like some of the others and is probably my least favorite song on the album.

Alastair:  I guess we can’t say ‘thank you (Lord)’ enough.

Joel:  I think this one has the potential of being really good, but something was missing for me. The writing structure seemed a little dated.

5. Almighty

Jan:  This is an easy to learn worship tune with beautiful background vocals – this one made me want to just sit and worship.

Alastair:  Nice worshipful song – nice chorus.

Joel:  Pretty good original. I really loved the chorus, but was not a fan of the female voice on this one. I think it needed some better dynamics.

6. All That I Need

Jan:  I love this song – I like the combination of heartfelt lyrics that really passionately proclaim the worshiper’s heart accompanied by driving electric guitars!

Alastair:  A great sounding upbeat song that is easy to sing along with.

Joel:  This is the best original on the CD. It is a great congregational song. Has a feel much like Hillsong.

7. I Will Remember

Jan:  This song has great words to help our congregations declare their praise to God!

Alastair:  This is a lovely song – however I think the melody might just be a tad complicated for some congregations to follow.

Joel:  This one really benefits from the choir, but I was not a fan of this one. It seemed like a sound we had in worship in the early 90’s.

8. In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock

Jan:  This song has beautifully soaring melodies and the vocals really carry the day on this inspiring worship song.

Alastair:  A nice version of In Christ Alone. It’s great how they mixed it up with The Solid Rock. That’s smart. Not sure about the steel guitar sound on it – in fact I don’t like it. It’s an Irish melody, not Hawaiian. ;-)

Joel:  This is one of my favorite hymns, but I think it would have been better with a more simple female voice. I love how it went into Solid Rock and I will use that for sure.

9. Mighty To Save/The Stand

Jan:  In this song, the choir added a great punch on the chorus and gave this Hillsong tune additional emotional energy and going right into “The Stand” was brilliant! It moved me – very powerfully done!

Alastair:  This is fantastic. Combining Mighty to Save with The Stand is brilliant – I’m going to do this!

Joel:  Fantastic cover. Brilliant transition into the Stand. I will definitely steal that one.

10. How Great Is Our God/How Great Thou Art

Jan:  This song closes out the album with two perennial worship favorites.

Alastair:  Am I the only one who doesn’t dig this song? I will admit congregations love it and the band does a brilliant job of covering it – especially when they burst into How Great Thou Art at the end.

Joel:  A pretty good cover and the female voice fits much better. How great thou art is awesome with the choir. I loved that part.