In an era when worship music is dominating the charts, it is rare but refreshing when a worship leader takes some time to put out an album of songs that are meant to be sung over you, instead of just with you.
Jesus Culture worship leader, Kim Walker’s, newest release, On My Side, gives us a fresh new sound paired with a beautiful reminder of the sufficiency of Jesus in our lives. Her vocals soar on songs like “Throne Room,” “Awaken Love” and the title track, “On My Side.” These songs speak of an intimacy with Christ that pulls us closer with every lyric. “Brave Surrender,” “Glimpse” and “Rise” are the most radio-friendly tracks on the album with current and synth-driven melodies. These songs are meant to be listened to and experienced more than sung.
I am a big believer that it is the story behind the music that connects the listener to the artist, and from the words of Kim, On My Side, was not born without struggle. In the midst of battling post-partum depression and grieving the loss of her step-father – Kim began to work on this album.
In the midst of all of the difficulty and all of the hardship, I felt like the Lord was constantly reminding me and telling me that He’s on my side. That even in the middle of all of it He wasn’t leaving me; He wasn’t angry or frustrated when I didn’t get everything just right,” she said. “It felt like a patient father who was just there with me in the middle of the storm, in the middle of the chaos — loving me, guiding me one day at a time, one step at a time and just constantly reminding me that He’s on my side.
This message impacted her enough to title the entire album after it. And with just a couple listens through, it’s impossible to not be left reminded of this very same truth.
Cassidy Robinson is a singer-songwriter and worship leader at Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, FL, where her husband, Josh, serves on staff as a campus pastor. She just recently released an EP entitled Storms. She is also a part-time photographer and full-time mom of two little ones.