If I had to write a one line synopsis of Daniel Doss’ latest release, Praise The King, I would simply say the more you listen, the more you will want to listen. 

Being a native Tennessean myself, I can hear the Nashville influence, especially in the moving selection, “Anchor”.  What sets it apart from other solid releases is Daniel’s soulful vocal delivery & the quality songs, having something for just about everyone; the solo, acoustic singer/leader as well as the full praise-team worship leader. 

It doesn’t take much effort to imagine your entire auditorium singing along with “Belong”, “Victorious”, “Light Rise Up” and the title cut, “Praise The King”.  These four present themselves with easily, learnable lyrics which are at the same time engaging & encouraging. 

You Hold It All” & “Trust” which can encourage & enthuse all who worshipfully sing or even worshipfully listen, off more intimate, worshipful fare.

Overall, this is a release that has confidence in itself and has set a new bar for an artist who obviously pours his heart into his gift.

Bryan Long is a full-time minister with Blue Ridge Broadcasting & a Worship Leader in East Tennesee. Bryan mentors, cowrites, & performs with up-and-coming artists in CCM, Worship, & Americana/Folk music.