REVIEW: Red Rocks Worship – HERE


Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t like using the word “fan” when it comes to Worship Artists/Bands as I have found that if I don’t keep my heart in check, it is easy for me to worship “Worship.” That said, I am a Fan of Red Rocks Worship and have been since I first became aware of them nearly two years ago, hearing “One Great Passion” and “All I Want.” The new sound and the authentic hearts of this group wrecked me.

I had the pleasure of talking with Tyler Roberts and Nicole Serrano of Red Rocks Worship’s Worship leaders. Like their labelmates, Iron Bell Music, Tyler and Nicole wear their love for Jesus on their sleeves. To be honest, I was taken back by their depth of humility and wisdom.

The story behind the origins of Red Rocks Church is a God Story in and of itself: “5 Knuckleheads saw the need for a genuine and authentic place for real people to come within this community and hear the Love of Jesus, and Red Rocks Church began in the back of a theme park in 2005.” Since, Red Rocks grown to 4 campuses in the Denver area and one in Belgium. Tyler said that they are a church “full of prodigals;” with which I identify!

Nicole said that for this project they simply wanted to capture the heartbeat of their community and speak to that. Thinking past their community and into the global church was a side note, as their heart was only to minister to the needs of their body – if God chose to breathe on it, then Glory to God.

Simply put, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 11 songs on this project are GREAT Worship songs and nail the litmus test of songs that both need to be sung within every church and songs the church will want to sing. Most importantly, this entire project honors God in every way. There are zero shortcuts.

“Fill This Place” – originally from the Rooftop EP; this song has great energy and an almost Mumford & Sons Vibe. Easily teachable and singable. Congregations will love this being introduced.

“Heaven is Here” is a Melodically and Lyrically transcending declaration taking you to the kingdom Here and now.

“Nobody Like You” – one word, beautiful! A chorus I want to Shout. As I’ve said before, Simply Profound and Profoundly simple.

“Always and Only” Close your eyes and sing this. Ahhhh Gently Anthemic Ushering into the bridge, “You’re All I’ve Ever Wanted, You’re All I’ve Ever needed, The Heart of My Desire Its You, Jesus Always and Only You”

“Right Here Right Now” – I Love the Opening line “Lord you have our Attention, Every Eye is fixed on You” So simple but flooring at its tangible magnitude.

“How Beautiful Your Grace” – WOW! I LOVE the tension and release from the Upbeat verses transitioning into a graceful and gorgeous Chorus. While most “Upbeat” songs lack lyrical substance; this is a song of dependence and assurance I have to sing.

“Not Afraid” – my favorite song on the project – is lyrically reminiscent of Dustin Smith. You can’t help but shout the lyrics and join the declaration. Introduce this song to your church.

“Come Taste and See” Another highly congregation-friendly song. I can just hang on the bridge “I’ll never Walk Away the same, I’ll Never Walk Away the Same, My Heart Forever Rearranged, By your Love.”

“Overflow” – a chorus of reliance and dependence – stands as a humble yet much-needed statement for the church to herald.

“I Am Home” If there is one song that stands out as a CCM “Radio” song, this is it, and rightfully so. This is an incredible song that’s easy to sing yet again without sacrificing lyrical depth.

Originally found on their “Into the Night” EP, “Love Changes Everything” is Red Rocks Worship’s “Signature Song.” It embodies the ideal worship song, and it’s easy to see how this song has caught on within the church.

Red Rock’s Worship has artfully created for a church of prodigals what I consider one of the best Worship Albums to come out in years. The chemistry with this team is undeniable. Though any one of these leaders can easily stand alone, they come together as one ministry – something beautiful to see & hear. Stylistically relevant and Kingdom centered, “Here” is a must-have, and its songs will be echoed within congregations worldwide for decades to come.
Chip Connor is a Ragamuffin, Song Receiver, & the CEO of A Thousand Hills Music, LLC.