Review: Nothing Is Impossible by Planetshakers


Thanks to Mat Reames, Melanie Siewert, Justin Hitchborn and Billy Hutto for sharing their reviews for The Worship Community.

Nothing Is Impossible is available in digital format from iTunes (as of June 28, 2011) and is slated for cd/dvd combo release on August 9, 2011. This album, the first to come out of the studio in five years, captures the passion and musical diversity for which the band is known and includes a guest appearance from Grammy Award-winning artist Israel Houghton.

Mat Reames [ | @matreames |]

The newest album from Australian worship team Planetshakers Nothing Is Impossible is their first studio album in 5 years. Planetshakers has been around for over a decade now and haven’t gained much exposure here in America. They were nominated for a Dove Award for Worship Album of the Year in 2002. However since then they haven’t seen much distribution of their music here in the states. Their most widely known song is healer which gained exposure when Hillsong, Kari Jobe, and many others recorded it. Its important to know this, because it gives you an idea of the scope of this ministry. They hold an anual Youth Conference which brings in over 20,000 people every year and they have 2 churches in Australia, as well as recently opening a campus in South Africa.

Track 2 on the album is a solidly guitar driven praise song. Bring It On has the drive to really energize your congregation. The guitar has lots of fuzz and dirt to really bring the energy to the next level. The song is simple and singable and would work well in a more modern worship setting. Its heavy drive is a bit much for an average church, but the song could be drawn back by lowering the guitar effects to make it perfect in any congregation.

Track 4 is the title track Nothing is Impossible. It has been recorded twice before in the live albums Beautiful Saviour: Acoustic Sessions, and One. It is a great song, and features Israel Houghton. The song has a strong classic U2 guitar vibe which really drives the song. The Blend between the vocals of Israel Houghton and Planetshakers frontman Joth Hunt really adds to the dynamic of this song. This is one that would work in any congregation and really builds the faith of the people in your congregation.

No One Like You is one of my personal favourites on the album. It’s a slow intimate worship song. driven by the piano witha soft pad backing. This song is focused on the character, nature, and attributes of God. The whole song is about bringing honor to God by reminding him who he is. I love songs like this, not because He needs to be reminded, but because we get the opportunity to thank him through these songs. This slow song will really draw you into worship, and is simple to perform in any church.

Song of Victory is a great song for the youth services. Its fast and heavy with a strong dance beat, turntables, and a hard driver guitar. The whole thing blends together for an anthem song of praise for the Lord. This song has the energy to really get a youth group pumped. This is one that is worth doing in your youth services.

This is a great album and well worth the money. If you have never heard of Planetshakers before you are in for a treat. I can honestly say there wasn’t a song on this album that didn’t fit. It is definitely more suited for a youth group, but will be great for anyone who likes high energy praise and intimate passionate worship.

Mat is serving in an internship with a Church in Lawrence, KS  where he serves in worship leadership.

Melanie Siewert [@melasie | |]

Just when my spirit cries out for a fresh move in the Spirit, Planetshakers Nothing Is Impossible comes along and motivates me into deeper worship in the Spirit. Admittedly, I was immediately drawn into the fresh musicality of the band. Their style is not typical of what we normally hear on the airwaves or in most worship services. I’m encouraged by what God is stirring up in His kingdom through music. Planetshakers’ heart and passion that drive this music is Holy Spirit focused, and I pray people (no matter the age) come to recognize the works of Father in this project and seek his presence daily in their lives.

Right off the bat, Power starts the album with a hard-hitting groove. The bridge breaks into a funk groove and picks right back up again. Bring it On and Give it Up continue the heavy rock groove with synths. Nothing Is Impossible is another powerful song both musically and lyrically, with Israel Houghton making a vocal contribution.

You Are God powerfully conveys God’s miracles when we cry out to him. Because He is God, sickness turns to healing, bondage turns to freedom, sorrow turns to laughter, and darkness turns to light. It’s a great message of encouragement! This song can be used in both traditional and contemporary services.

No One Like You has a “boy band” feel with its 4-part harmony. It’s a great worship song. Running To You and Favoured are moderate tempo songs with female vocal leads that both express dependency on Christ. All three songs could be used in traditional services as specials (possibly using tracks) or in contemporary services if bands can learn the parts.

I absolutely LOVE Sound of Praise and Song of Victory! They are high-energy songs that cry out for celebration in Christ! Although they will work better in youth gatherings, my old spirit is moved to celebrate the new things God is doing!  “Don’t stop praising ‘cause we are free today.”  I love it!

Hosanna, Come to Jesus and We Cry Out close out the album as power ballads. We Cry Out is an anthem for revival! This live recording is a great way to close out the album since it encourages everyone to earnestly seek the Lord on moving the nations, especially where we are. If you have a heart for the nations, this song is for you! Suitable for traditional and contemporary services, be sure to have plenty of tissue available!

Planetshakers does a great job keeping the lyrical theme grounded around the works of the Holy Spirit and our need to abide in His presence. Most of the songs in this album are intended for a young generation, but every generation knows the desperation for the Holy Spirit to come. With a great mix of heavy guitars, thumping bass, driving synths, syncopated drums and solid vocals/harmonies, Nothing is Impossible brings an energy suitable for most contemporary congregations, and some traditional.

Melanie is a Christ follower, wife to a wonderful man of God, and mother of two incredible boys. She has several years experience mentoring high school worship bands, and desires to continually write music for the Lord’s church.

Justin Hitchborn [ | @hitchface |]

Nothing Is Impossible by Planetshakers is one of those few albums that I actually look forward to. It isn’t that other music doesn’t make the cut (although I will admit to becoming more of a music snob as of late…), but rather the Planetshakers just seem to have this edge that I can really get into. I am happy to say that the buzz has been retained and the high energy that has become something of a hallmark trait of this music is still there.

The CD opens with some seriously driving songs that will feel familiar to Planetshakers fans. Power, Bring It On and Give it Up are all blessed with an abundance of hard-hitting guitars and synth loops that are pretty much guarunteed to get your heart pumping. Of the three, Give It Up is probably the best suited for corporate worship, given its anthematic chorus and unabashedly “boom-bang” feel.

Not surprisingly, one of the best tunes on the disc is Nothing Is Impossible. This powerful song really bangs on all cylinders (in a big block V-8, in case you were wondering) without any special treatment. Add the phenominal talents of Israel Houghton, and you end up with an incredibly complex yet accessible vocal masterpiece. The high-energy bent of the Planetshakers really is perfectly mated to this song, which coincidentally has a high-energy message of God being able to do absolutely anything and our ability to partake in that power.

Hosanna is one of those special songs in that it moves from stanza to stanza very purposefully and smoothly, and then positively soars through the chorus. This piece feels almost symphonic in how deeply it moves me while listening to it. Again, all of these little details hidden in the words, the cadence, the melody and the backing instruments add together to make something truly beautiful. This cry of salvation is more complex than it first seems, and is worth multiple listens to unpack it.

One kind of song that I’ve heard a few times and never been overly satisfied with is what I might call an “evangelist’s song”; the music that very purposefully and blatantly says “you need to turn to Jesus now, buddy”. Might I humbly submit to you that Come To Jesus is on top of the pile. This offering boasts very strong theological concepts that deal directly with our identity in Christ, while simultaneously making the same desperate plea that many of us silently make to those we love. Just come to Jesus. In the right context, this song will be instrumental (hey, see what I did there?) in ushering people into the Kingdom.

The album ends with We Cry Out, a very simple, accessible and effective prayer for God to move throughout the world. It has amazed countless people what a simple prayer for a nation can do, and this song can provide great opportunity for corporate supplication.

This whole album has a lot more polish on it than the live material that we are maybe more accustomed to. Despite some of the edge being smoothed over, the basic ingredients that make Planetshakers what they are remain intact. This album has its share of engaging songs that are relatively flexible in terms of their use in worship; you would do well to consider adding this to your list if it isn’t already there.

Justin is the director of worship arts at The Well (, and blogs about  theology, team dynamics, leadership, gear, CD reviews and anything else that might just feel right at the time at

Billy Hutto [@billyhutto | | facebook]

Planetshakers has just released a new album entitled Nothing Is Impossible. This new album is packed with 13 great songs full of energy and excitement, while still expressing passion for God through worship and praise. Planetshakers held nothing back in this album with several songs definitely worthy of corporate worship in the church or conference setting. I’ve picked my three favorite songs from the album and will highlight what makes them great songs for corporate worship.

Nothing Is Impossible – What makes this song so great, outside of the fact that it features Israel Houghton, is packed full of energy, and is an anthem of complete trust in God, is that the chorus is so powerful that it can be rocked out as a praise song, or rocked as an intense worship song! This song has a lot of value to a worship leader and worship team. The more you can do with a song, the more attractive it becomes. Planetshakers did this one right with the lyrics, the driving beat and melodic riffs in the back ground. This song will go over great in your congregation fast or slow!

Running To You – This song is all passion for our need and desire for God! This worship song is an uplifting anthem of wanting more of Jesus. Played just like the album version or incorporating a time of free worship in conduction with this song, Running To You will draw your congregation into worshipping God. I particularly like the chorus and pre-chorus in this song. In my experience of writing praise and worship, the simple songs, or the not over-complicated songs for lack of better words, are the ones that are the most effective. Planetshakers has done just that with Running To You. This is a definite pick for our upcoming song set lists.

Come To Jesus – I think this is probably my favorite songs on the entire album. This song is nothing short of raw passion for Jesus. Just like the chorus sings, Come To Jesus starts as a soft and beautiful song, and gains momentum to eventually build to a full driving beat towards the end of the song. Musically, this song is incredible. Lyrically, the idea of having people come to Jesus cannot be accomplished any clearer or simply than this. It expresses the need to turn to Jesus, regardless of what we have done in our past. If you are looking for a perfect altar call or “draw in the net” song, look no further than this. Come To Jesus will grip your congregation’s heart and draw them in to the presence of God. I love this song!

There are several other songs I really like on this album. The fast songs will do really well in a youth church, youth conference, or a congregation that loves songs packed with energy and high tempos. Overall, I really like the Nothing Is Impossible album. There is a reason that Planetshakers is one of the pioneers in fresh praise and worship these days, and they have again blazed a new trail to fresh, passionate, encouraging praise and worship.

Billy serves in worship leadership at Covenant Connections Church in Flowery Branch, GA and is also a member of their traveling worship team, Reveal Worship Ministries.