REVIEW: Mosaic MSC – Glory & Wonder


In a time when an abundance churches are recording & releasing original songs, Mosaic MSC has done an excellent job of creating something unique that highlights their creative use of keys, and yet is still accessible for churches to sing. GLORY AND WONDER showcases both upbeat & reflective songs, stretching from a traditional style all the way to edgy synth pop. From the pad driven, 80’s analog synth feel of “Speak to Us” to the more hymnlike feel of “May God Be EveryWhere I Go,” you can find multiple styles that reflect several different genres of music.

Mosaic crafts simple lyrics that have a profound impact. I found this most compelling in “Tremble,” “Speak to Us,” & “May God Be Everywhere I Go.”

Tremble” pairs the phrase “Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble” with the statement “Your name is a light the shadows can’t deny – Your name cannot be overcome!“, marking a powerful moment for this listener. The noticeably thoughtful pacing & song placement encouraged me to listen closely to follow the theme. Ending with the title track, Mosaic brought together ambient pads, ostinatos, & arpeggios from a bare beginning to bring their final song to life and cap an excellent album.

There are lots of things to listen for in today’s worship albums. Is it guitar driven, are there neat hooks that are present, is there something different about this album compared to every other one? As I listened to Glory and Wonder, something stood out to me: it was simple at its core, yet layered with complexity, keys-driven yet filled with nice guitar parts throughout, & lyrically strong while having great melodies to complement the message.

Songs to listen to: “Heartbeat,” “Never Stop,” “You are Mine.”
Songs to sing: “Speak to Us,” “Tremble,” “May God Be Everywhere I Go,” “Glory and Wonder.”


Conor Scholes is the Minister of Worship at Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, MO, & an independent songwriter.