Review: Joel Augé – On the Blue


It’s pretty interesting that music seems to go in cycles. There seems to be many bands that come out that point to some of the greatest musicians of our time.

Joel Augé is one of those guys. A veteran in the industry, he has learned to hone his sound. Most have not heard of him because he played in a few little known bands before getting signed as a solo artist with Integrity.

I have read some reviews of “On The Blue” and they are mixed. Many people who review are looking for the sound to be like nothing they have ever heard before. That is very hard to come by. Just because we have heard “that sound” before doesn’t mean it’s not great.

On The Blue is a fantastic album. Joel has an amazing tenor voice that can rock it up, but also has warmth and depth much like Phil Wickham. It is a real versatile sound and it keeps you coming back for more.

There are some cuts like “On the Blue” that have almost a Norah Jones feel. Smooth folk with a jazz underlining. “Where You Go I Go” is a great cover of the Brian Johnson song. “Every heart”, “Glory Glory”, “Even the Rocks”, and “Singing Hallelujah” are all songs that I can see done in the church. They are very congregation friendly.

The other songs on the album won’t really work in a church setting, but I promise you will want them on your iPod. He has a sound that gives nods to Shawn McDonald and Duncan Sheik. His vocals will remind you of much of the current music out there with some hints of Phil Keaggy and even Jimmy Abbeg from the 1980’s band “Vector”.

This album is a fresh sound and the lyrics and feel are heartfelt and inspiring. Make sure you pick up this album. Let us know what you think of it when you do.