REVIEW: Jesus Culture – Love has a Name


When it comes to modern worship music, few groups have influenced today’s worship sound as much as the songwriting collective from Jesus Culture . With 36 albums, whether full-length, EPs, individual artists or Spanish versions, Jesus Culture has demonstrated that they are here to stay. With their 37th album, Love Has A Name, they show no sign of losing creative steam. In fact, it is clear that they have hit their stride. With 16 tracks filling up this album, listeners will find no shortage of guitars, synth hooks, shimmering pads, and powerful vocals that we have come to expect from Jesus Culture.

If you’re looking for hooky, radio-friendly songs, check out “Halls of Heaven,” the albums opening number, and “Weight of Heaven.” Led by figurehead Chris Quilala, both songs emphasize the desire to seek out and be encountered by God’s presence.

There are also some songs that can easily be grafted into the worship sets of the local church. Several stand out. “Make Us One” is a prayerful song for the Triune God to unify the church for His purposes. Led by Bryan Torwalt, “Sound of Adoration” is a spirited, upbeat and vertical song that is perfect for the worship pastor looking for a song that highlights gratitude directly expressed to Jesus.

Another solid song is “Make a Way,” led by New Life Church’s Jon Eagan. This song gives nod to the Nicene Creed using similar verbiage for its verses such as “God from God, Light From Light.” This power anthem is perfect for magnifying Jesus’ power to save when all hope seemed lost – a must-have in a church’s worship set.

The list goes one. If you want big synths and huge choruses check out “Love Overcomes” or “My One My All.” Both of these songs will hit home with simply stated choruses but with weighty verses. “Love that Saves” led by Ruthie Ridley and the album’s title track “Love Has a Name” led by Kim Walker-Smith are solid female-led songs for the church as well. Both these songs focus on the person and works of Jesus.

With only half of the album’s songs already mentioned it is clear that this album will serve the local church very well in filling their hearts with fresh songs at the close of 2017. With so many successful albums under Jesus Culture’s belt, one might wonder if the next album could compete. However with a variety of different leaders, themes, melodies, and moods, certainly this album stands just fine on its own.

Aaron Hoskins is the Worship Pastor at Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth, TX: a Christ-follower, husband, father, worship pastor, songwriter, Mac-lover, runner, & lover of all things cheese.