With the ink practically still wet, Sprig Worship announced the signing of new artist J. Reynolds to their team and Reynold’s first full-length album dropped. Many artists choose to highlight one song as their album’s title, but what makes J. Reynolds’ album title (Fire & The Flood) unique is that the themes related to fire and flood, whether it be burning or warmth, water or washing, can be found in nearly every track. Careful attention to holistic lyric writing has taken place here and is much appreciated.

Fire & the Flood captures the listener through the use of balladry and anthemic songwriting. If you’re looking for a pop modern rock album, look elsewhere. But if you are seeking soothing melodies, gentle synth washes, and chill drum beats then you have struck gold.

A few tracks stand out above the rest:

If you’re looking for big pads, driving electrics, and huge choruses then consider “The One” or “We Lift You Up.” These are certainly great songs for a worship set rotation within your church.

Likely the song that inspired the album’s title, “Fountain” is rich in doctrine and imagery and is a perfect song of response or invitational.

If you’re looking for a potential new song to sing at your church, then consider “Paid it All.” Its chorus is very anthemic and easy to sing. A bonus is the beautiful piano rendition of the original hymn “Jesus Paid it All” at the end of the track. The piano at the end left this listener wanting more.

Brimming with emotion, “Shelter” brings comfort and encouragement reminding the listener to look up during the raging storm to the One calms the seas. Gentle piano melodies, rich strings, and enchanting electric lead lines capture “all the feels” that make up this song.

Sometimes there is a song that captures you, and you don’t know why. “There is No Other Name” is that song for this listener. Maybe it’s the trance synths in the background. Maybe it’s the drum loop. Maybe it’s the hooky chorus melody. But no matter how you dissect it, you will catch yourself singing it long after the song is over.


Aaron Hoskins is the Worship Pastor at Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth, TX: a Christ-follower, husband, father, worship pastor, songwriter, Mac-lover, runner, & lover of all things cheese.