REVIEW: Ian Zumback – the Table


I’ll be upfront & totally honest – I’m not an objective reviewer when it comes to Ian Zumback‘s latest. I call Ian a friend, & we’ve penned a few songs together as well. That said, I don’t think objectivity is possible when listening to The Table – it won’t let you maintain objectivity, because The Table is a place to encounter Christ, & people who encounter Christ are changed by Him!

I remember the first time I heard Andrew Peterson‘s “Dancing on the Landmines“ on the radio – it was powerful, & like nothing else I’ve heard. It wasn’t weird at all but simply unique, standing out like a bright spot among the dull sameness of CCM radio at that time. This is that sort of album.

Though not a “worship record” in the usual sense – only a handful of these songs would likely work corporately – lyrically, it’s obvious that The Table is a Christ-centric worship project, even if the songwriting isn’t targeted at Sunday morning singing. Though there’s not a dud among the bunch, a few tracks do stand out.

Promise is a Promise” – featuring Brother’s McClurg’s Anthony Hoisington on co-vocals (Anthony’s brother, Chris, brilliantly produced the project, by the way), this is easily the most accessible track, & I could easily hear this on Christian radio, sitting comfortably somewhere between Zach Williams, Crowder, & Rend Collective. Immediately memorable, it would make an excellent, fun, energetic special, during the right sermons series.

Resurrect Me” – Somewhat of a genre-bending ballad, it would stretch most churches, but this is the most corporate, congregational song on the record. Brutally honest, but overflowing with hope, this is a prayer worth singing.

Brother to Brother” – featuring label-mate & friend Weston Skaggs, this is another ideal special, & I’m biting at the bit for our pastor to teach on Galatians 11 so I have a good reason to use it! A brilliant use of Christian imagination to unpack the Scriptures!

I can’t stress this enough: The Table will easily be one of my Top 5 favorite new releases for 2018 – this is top shelf, folks! I implore any Christian looking for something special, give Ian’s latest a thorough listen!


Shannon Lewis is “The Worship Community Guy“. Passionate about helping others respond to God, & training people who are passionate about the same, Shannon also blogs at SaintLewisMusic, where you can grab his free eBook, UNSEASONED: How to see Godly Growth in an Inexperienced Worship Team.