REVIEW: Come Alive by Jeremiah Bowser


ARTIST: Jeremiah Bowser
RELEASE: Come Alive (April 1, 2011) | (iTunes)
LABEL: Independent



5. I will not be Denied
2. Nothing can compare to You


Jeremiah Bowser is an international worship artist & “musical missionary” (as Ignition Point Ministries) based out of Jacksonville, FL who ministers at conferences, churches, and events primarily in the Southeastern USA & South America, but has been all over the world. I first encountered Jeremiah when opening for him at the Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, FL several years ago & have been following his growing ministry since.

Come Alive is Jeremiah’s definitive release to date – if you want to know what this guy is about, this is where you need to begin.

Sonically, the Jeremiah Bowser band rests comfortably within the Coldplay-inspired piano-driven alternative rock genre, with lilting melodies, and soaring, delayed guitars. Unlike past CDs, however, Come Alive really has the top-notch production value to make it…well… COME ALIVE. The vocals are crisp and clear and out front, as they should be on a corporate worship release, & the rhythm section is tight and very present, creating a perfect bed on which to build their sound of bright keys & soaring guitars. Artists like the Choir, Violet Burning, and Phil Wickham come to mind as points of comparison – if you gravitate towards any of these, you should really give him a listen.

Thematically, passion & intimacy are where it’s at. I could immediately recognize Jeremiah’s connection to the prophetic worship movement & iHop specifically, as it’s all over the lyrics. The lyrics on Come Alive bleed a passionate, radical love for & dedication to Jesus, & the need for feeling his nearness in all of life.

I will not be Denied” is by far one of the more memorably tracks – the sort of hook that rings through your head a full day after hearing it, while your laying in bed & trying to get some sleep. It would be a near perfect corporate song for most any contemporary church: a strong, passionate declaration of “I want more of You – nothing else will do!”

Nothing can compare to You” is another stand-out both for personal listening & church use. More proclamation than declaration, it’s simply a rockin’ love song to a beautiful God. What’s more, as memorable as it is, the song is relatively easy to play, so you wouldn’t have to be afraid of long rehearsal is you were to choose to do this one yourself with a less than professional band… always a plus!

COME ALIVE is a win for Jeremiah Bowser – a release I wholly endorse, & encourage you to give a listen. If nothing else, download the two most notable tracks, & visit his website to grab chord charts – they could be a valuable addition to your Sunday setlists.

Jeremiah Bowser | iTunes