Resource News: Worshipsong Band 2.6 Released


Press Release:

Worshipsong Band version 2.6 is now releasing for all platforms: Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android. In the new version, the capabilities of the application have been significantly enhanced, most notably the audio interface:

  • A new Band Mix feature allows two independent mixes, one for the house and another for the band featuring click/metronome, cues, and any other instruments. This is available on all platforms.
  • A 4 channel stereo out mode adds allows full stereo output on 2 channels and the Band Mix on 2 additional ones (Windows/Mac)
  • Up to 16 independent stems routed into user-definable buses can be output via dedicated audio interfaces allowing complete control of your full mix from a sound desk. Stems routed can also include all of Worshipsong Band’s built-in audio tracks such as pads, cues, or metronome (Windows/Mac).
  • A new Visual Beat option gives a visual metronome indicator, synchronized with the built-in metronome or click, even on wirelessly linked remote chord viewers.
  • Two column chord display can now be selected on IPad and IPad Pro devices in landscape mode.
    Western European extended font characters can be used in chord chart/lyric displays, covering Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian Dutch, French, etc.
  • A built-in automated import utility is available for all of Musicademy’s extensive library of Worship Backing Band Pro-WAV multi-tracks (covering some 250+ songs). These are affordable, high-quality tracks, in congregationally friendly keys, that include vocals. The supplied WAV stems are imported in high-quality lossless FLAC format, so you get the full quality of WAV playback in a smaller file size suitable for mobile devices. The import utility is currently available as a part of WorshipSong Band version 2.6 for Windows, but the resulting files may be used on all platforms.

All of the new version 2.6 features have been added based on user requests, continuing our tradition of listening and responding to the needs of our worship leader user community. Worshipsong Band remains the most feature-rich worship multi-track platform available, and, of course, remains free.

Our open format is the only dedicated ‘user-friendly’ playback platform that does not require you to register, use our cloud, or buy your content from a single provider. Many users source their content from multiple sourcesĀ and even make many of their own tracks. And, of course, independent artists from around the world offer their tracks in the Worshipsong Store, most completely free. Worshipsong Band ensures a consistent playback experience for content from all sources.

Worshipsong Band version 2.6 received a Worship Leader Magazine Editor’s Choice award for 2015, the second time it has been so honored. Download it free from or the IOS App Store or Google Play today.