Podcast 02: Sing All


02SingALL600x600Episode 02: Sing All (9-8-14)

Summary: In this episode of “This Spoken Post,” Russ Hutto (Editor, The Worship Community) reads a post from July 28, 2014 titled “Sing All” – Tips For Corporate Singing for Worship.

Episode 02: Sing All

The podcast contains 6 helpful tips when approaching SINGING in congregational settings. Encourage your church family to sing with this informative podcast.

The content of the post is inspired by John Wesley’s Guidelines for Corporate singing which he penned in 1781 in the front of the Select Hymns with Tunes Annext hymn book.


Show Notes:

John Wesley’s 7 Rules for Congregational Singing

Sing All – Tips for Corporate Singing For Worship (the post that is read in the podcast).

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