Noah Film Drives People to Read Bible – Kim Walker-Smith “Noah” Inspired Single Video


YouVersion (, the bible app that has been downloaded by over 135 Million users, has reported a 300% spike from users who have specifically gone back or referenced the old testament since “NOAH” was released in theaters last week.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.33.15 PM says:

“In actual numbers, YouVersion reports during the opening weekend, the Noah story was read or listened to on the app 389,794 times – or about 129,931 times per day. It’s the highest number of people exploring that passage that they’ve ever experienced.”

Another popular Bible website, is also seeing a spike in interest in Genesis:

“Christian critics have given Noah mixed reviews, but one thing Darren Aronofsky’s epic did accomplish was to get people reading the original story of Noah in the Bible. Over the weekend, visits to the Noah story in Genesis 6-9 at Bible Gateway saw a 223% increase over the previous weekend!”

In short, the movie has inspired people regardless of their personal stance on the movie to go back, re-read the old testament, and share the reference with their friends and colleagues.

From a story on

“Commenting on the spike in Genesis traffic, Patton Dodd, the editor-in-chief of the religious site On Faith, wrote in a story Tuesday that “movies like ‘Noah’ are an invitation into stories like Noah.”

“Whatever else the film does (incidentally, I found it to be a memorably filmed mixed bag of the sublime, the over-the-top, and the troubling — your basic Aronofsky experience), it makes you wonder what the story of Noah is about, why it holds so much power, and what it might have to say to us today,” he continued. “It makes you go home and look up the story. That’s true in part precisely because the film is so imaginative and weird — unlike some other recent Bible films, it doesn’t pretend to be delivering the story in a straightforward way, so you’re left wondering what the story actually says.”

Godtube Exclusive – NOAH Christian Music Video from gracehillmedia on GodTube.

We at TWC aren’t endorsing the movie at this time, but are acknowledging that it IS playing a significant role in driving folks to visit and revisit the story in the Old Testament.

Christian singer, songwriter, and worship leader Kim Walker-Smith performs her single for the movie “NOAH” which is currently playing in theaters. NOAH stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins.

Kim’s band Jesus Culture is currently on a nationwide tour including the Catalyst Conference in Dallas. This touching music video includes some of the beautiful cinematography and images that audiences and critics have hailed from the movie.

Have you seen Noah? What are your thoughts? (respectful dialogue please)