NEXT: New Worship Music Spring/Summer ’17


I constantly scour the internet for the latest worship songs – both from independent & label projects – looking for the best of what’s “NEXT”, particularly for those who don’t subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” mindset of simply pulling from the CCLI Top 25 (though I don’t deny that can be a great place to start). I listen, play along, & analyze to see which ones float to the top. I hope this curated list of new worship songs helps you better serve your congregation in the coming year

Glorious Day” –  Passion (Chart available HERE)
Be honest – is anyone actually still unfamiliar with this song? Introduced by Kristian Stanfill at the latest Passion conference, it was an ‘Easter hit’, & has since taken to radio. I only mention it here because the song is so refreshing.  A contemporary rock take on Celtic worship – it will likely inspire your church to stomp their feet & clap their hands as they sing along. But who am I kidding – you’re probably already singing this.

You hold it All” – Daniel Doss (Chart available HERE)
This Word worship artist is a little less known than some, but I’ve been following him since I led “Great God” for our Youth Group back in ’08. A solid writer with a powerful voice, this latest song is simultaneously soulful, modern, hymn-like, & an exceptional pick for both personal listening & corporate leading.

Drenched in Love” – Daniel Bashta (Chart available HERE)
I  won’t lie – some might not ‘get’ Bastha on their first listen, but I have always loved this guy! This song – & Daniel himself – in one word: PASSION. “Drenched in Love” is an energetic adaptation/update of the old classic “Nothing but the Blood”, but don’t hear me wrong: this song is likely not for every one, & even less likely, every congregation, but it would have me dancing in the isles if my church sang it!

I have a Hope” – Erik Michael (Chart available HERE)
Erik has a penned a simple, straight forward modern worship anthem that eschews radio for a refreshing indie-rock vibe. Produced by the Brothers McClurg at Old Bear Studios, the song’s natural simplicity lends it to solo acoustic worship environments or youth bands (it’s easy to learn), so I’d imagine early adopters being college churches, house churches, & even some from the modern liturgical movement. Read our recent review HERE.

Overcome” – Elevation Worship (Chart available HERE)
The corporate highlight from Elevation‘s latest, “Overcome” is a driving mid-tempo rocker, akin to Jesus Culture‘s “Fierce”, with a strong resurrection theme. I’ve led a few Elevation songs over the years (Unstoppable God“, “Only King Forever“, “O Come to the Altar), but this may be their strongest one to date. Bold, & anthemic, I can imagine it being used in nearly any modern worship setting.

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