REVIEW: Meredith Andrews – “Deeper”


Meredith Andrews. #Boom.

That says it all, right? Solo artist. Songwriter. Vertical Church Band. You know her songs from the radio and have likely sung then in your churches.

This collection kicks off with a dose of fun, thanks to the hooky pop of “Sunrise.” A solid pick for a radio single, it instantly puts you in a good mood. Followed immediately by “Deeper,” featuring a cool groove, and strong on the message of looking to Jesus in the midst of a trial – how those trying times can be an opportunity for us to draw even nearer to Jesus!

Without time to mention every song, “I look to the King” is TWC guy, Shannon Lewis‘s corporate pick, & he does into depth about the song HERE.

Spirit of the Living God” is a strong corporate song that many of you are familiar with from Vertical Church Band. This time around we are treated to some production changes that are a fitting addition to the original. If you aren’t doing this song in your church already, you should be.

Next, I need to mention the lyrics of “Trusted“: “You hear the thunder roar / You stood inside the storm / You saw it all before the rain came pouring down.” What powerful imagery!

Deeper is diverse, with lots of different styles – “Take Me Back” is one of those. To my ears, it has a hymn-like feel, but with a modern foundation, serving as a great reminder of the amazing grace of Jesus, who always welcomes us in, no matter where we are.

Lamb of God” – you know this song. Or at least, you should. Its reach is huge already from the Vertical Church Band recording. The song is still amazing.

Christ is Enough” – a Hillsong cover – is both proclamation and challenge all in one. No matter my circumstance, can I truly say that Christ is enough? Even if I am unsure, it’s powerful to sing that truth over every situation!

Finally, the project ends with “Jesus Sees.” This is a fantastic track to sing over your people, or as an altar/response song. Speaking to those who feel invisible – those who feel like God doesn’t see or hear them – it’s a reminder that God never leaves and is with us always. I like that “Jesus Sees” is the closer for this project, because it speaks to the heart of the entire album.

Many of the new songs on this album were written out of a difficult season that Meredith had been walking through. These songs lead us on this path of understanding that even through the difficulties of life – many of which can be devastating – God is always with us, and can bring us out on the other side even stronger and closer to him than we ever were before. That’s what makes this project so special – it’s not a bunch of happy-go-lucky anthems that feel superficial. These are songs of perseverance, encouragement, trust and faith, birthed out of a time of despair. And while not every song on this project will fit in a congregational setting, many will (especially “Lamb of God”, Spirit of the Living God” and “Christ Is Enough For Me”), and these are songs that our people need to hear, and to sing.

*Some songs noted in this review are found only on the “Deluxe” version of the album


Chris Olson is a songwriter, & one of the worship leaders at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS, presently leading the songwriting team there. He is married to Rachel and has two awesome kids.