Letters to Leaders, Vol. 2


Today we bring another installment of our series written by everyday church goers. As you read the words of these letters, I pray that you receive in your heart what is being communicated. That you listen as if someone from your own congregation is writing. And that you consider their words. We may not all agree with what is being expressed at times, just as we don’t agree with our own congregants at times. Setting aside debate and disagreement, may we have hearts to serve them. ~mandy thompson

Dear worship leader,

Thanks for your presence on stage. Thanks for taking us to deeper places of worship of our God. Thanks for the time and talent you pour into bringing what you bring every Sunday, week in and week out. But, there’s a catch.

Leading worship from on stage isn’t enough. Show us where your heart is by being His hands and feet and worship with your life. Help feed the homeless. Spend time with underprivileged kids. Take part in the sufferings of Christ.

It’s easier for us to follow you on stage if you can lead us in serving the poorest of the poor, “the least of these.”

(I bet those nasty letters will stop, too).

Don’t wait for someone else to go first. Lead us in worship. We know you can do it. And we’re ready to follow you.