Letters to Leaders, Vol. 1


We’re starting a new series – one that might stir some controversy, or might just be the “thank you” we sometimes need to hear. TWC will present letters written by your everyday Sunday church-goer to their worship leader. I wanted to know what they’d say to their leader, and thought you might want to hear as well. You won’t know who they are or what church they attend, but you will hear their heart. We hope this series both encourages and challenges us, as we seek to serve the Body of Christ from week to week.~mandy thompson

Dear Songful Shepherds,

I am grateful for the opportunity to gather with my fellow sheep and focus on our Lord in song and in the study of His Word under your leadership.  I have been asking myself, “What does God’s Word reveal about our relationship with Christ that we should be learning and singing in worship music?”  I once heard a quote that has stuck with me:  Spiritual growth happens when we realize what is already true of us in Christ. If that is true, then we need songs that teach us about who we are in Christ.  Lyrical peanut butter that sticks with you (sorry to those with peanut allergies).  Songs that teach us things that we can be thankful for.

As a distracted sheep I often find that songs with little depth and great repetition are heavily affected by musical quality, but if a song has something to teach me, I can ignore musical oddities because I have something greater to focus on.  Take for example, “In Christ Alone”: the lyrics describe a rich theological tapestry that gives me a tremendous amount to meditate on and thank my God for.  Placing that against songs like ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart” the lyrical depth isn’t there (sorry, Paul Baloche, nothing personal).  There are times for more repetitive songs, but please give us doctrine to chew on.  The melody is a “Spoonful of Sugar,” but I need something that lasts through the day.  As a sheep, I need real sheep food.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for leading.  This is not about what I think I need, its about what I God says I really need.  I really need food to grow on, and I need to be edified by Him through you.

Beholding Him,