Is your Church exempt from Copyright Law?


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Did you know that your basic CCLI license likely doesn’t cover all uses of your church music? Susan Fontaine Godwin, The Copyright Coach, Founder and CVO of Christian Copyright Solutions, has some very helpful info to share, worthwhile for anyone serving God in worship ministry.

From Christian Copyright Solutions:
‘Aren’t churches exempt from the US Copyright Law because they are non-profit religious organizations?’ We often hear that question and have to answer with a YES and NO! There are important limitations or exceptions, often called ‘exemptions,’ to the U.S. Copyright Law, which allow for copyrighted works to be used without a license from the copyright owner.

The Copyright Coach is currently offering a free eBook – Solve the Puzzle of Copyrights: Six Steps to Learning How to Do Music Right, as well as an upcoming free webinar on Fair Use. Sign up HERE.