[Interview + Music Video] You Shine Through by Brothers McClurg


The Brothers McClurg have a great new music video for You Shine Through. It is a beautiful song and has all the elements of a GREAT corporate worship song. Watch it and listen to it and add it to your Sunday Setlists!

They have a 5,000 view goal by the end of this month, let’s help make it happen!

Over the weekend I was able to ask the Brothers a few questions and they shared some great insight into what makes them tick and what really drives the band these days.

TWC: Share a little bit about the band. What passions drive you? Any hobbies?

Bros: Being in a band is interesting. My brother and I are both passionate about the local church and building up worship leaders. We also lead in different churches. We have big hearts for outreach in our city and we do monthly prayer walks as well as various outreach projects in our local communities.

We’re all really into hockey, it’s big up here in Buffalo. Some of the worship projects that we have all really been enjoying are Glenn Packiam’s new record and Jason Upton’s Glimpse. We also enjoy a band out of Pennsylvania called Sister Brother, check them out. Also really love Anthony Skinner’s Crush ep.

TWC: What projects have you got coming up?

Bros: We are currently hitting the road in support of our record join in the sound. We are looking to book dates all over the states and abroad . We are starting to write for our next record hopefully we will start recording early 2014.

I’ve also been producing worship projects recently encouraging other artists to find their sound and join in the sound so to speak. I feel like worship music as a genre is so wide open for new artists that are leading in their own artistic way. We are just scratching at the surface of that I feel like the younger artists coming up are craving different sounding worship projects that break into new directions musically.

TWC: Your name is an interesting representation of your musical heritage. Tell us a little about your roots and why it was important to represent that with your name .

Bros: Brothers McClurg pays homage to our maternal grandfather who started a worship group in the 70’s with my mother, aunts and uncles called McClurg family singers. They traveled all over the country for many years in a motor home singing folk music.

The first 5 years of my brother and I’s life was spent on a motor home traveling with my parents as they played and sang. It’s important for us to honor them because we wouldn’t be doing ministry if it wasn’t for them. We feel like we are walking in their footsteps so to speak carrying on the legacy they started.

It’s still cool I have people all over that tell me they find my parents’ vinyl records in amvets and salvation army stores all over the country!

TWC: Your new song (and music video) You Shine Through is so heartwarming. Tell us about the creative process to come up with the concept for the video.

Bros: Back in the day when churches were built with stained glass windows you were supposed to be able to look at the window and it would depict a story without having to say anything. We believe that we are the stained glass windows of our generation that when people see us they see the truth and beauty of Christ shining through us.

The video was shot in one of the churches I lead worship in. It’s this beautiful old Presbyterian church and there is this one stained glass window that depicts the prodigal son returning home to his father. We wanted to frame the whole video around that idea, that through our cracks, our guilt and shame, that Jesus greets us in our shame and loves us and shines through our cracks.

The most fun part about the video was having a meal together the night of the video recording. It was fun to reflect on the song together and what the message of the song is really saying. We also took communion together and prayed that the Lord would use the video to reach folks that needed to hear it.

joininthesoundTWC: What theme is resonating with the band these days?

Bros: The thing I’ve been thinking about lately is hope.

I’ve been thinking about that old Burt Bacharach song that says, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love,” and I’ve been replacing those words to say, “What the world needs now is hope, sweet hope.”

With all the tragedy going on people are in desperate need of hope, the kind of hope Jesus offers us.

TWC: If you could give advice to worship leaders and teams what would you say?

Bros: We consider ourselves blue collar worship leaders, so to speak. We all work in different churches in our area and understand the ins and outs of leading worship. One thing I will say is that worship leaders, like all artist types, go through a lot of highs and lows emotionally. I know a lot of worship leaders, including myself, that struggle with depression and anxiety. I think because part of our job is to tap into the feelings of God’s heart sometimes it’s joyful and sometimes it’s sad.

But I would encourage worship leaders to be aware of those feelings and understand God has given you access to His heart in that sense. Also remember that when you’re feeling low that His yolk is easy and His burden is light. So when you’re feeling low or depressed cast your feelings upon Him.

TWC: How about for those of us who are songwriters?

Bros: Song writers I would encourage you to worry less about trying to write the next big worship anthem and just write what’s on your heart before God. He will give you the words. I believe God is raising up movements all over the world that all have a unique sound and that encourages me! I’m interested to hear where worship music is going to go in the next 10 years!
I hope to hear many more different sounding worship projects that all have a unique voice!


In 2013, The Brothers McClurg are looking to travel and be a part of many churches through nights of worship. If you’re interested contact booking@brothersmcclurg.com