Interview: Join In The Sound With Brothers McClurg + Music Video


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Chris and Anthony of Brothers McCLurg were kind enough to share a mini-interview with TWC this week along with word that they’ve got a new music video out for their song Join In The Sound.

TWC: What’s been going on with the Brothers McClurg lately?

My brother Anthony and I just led worship for CPC (Children’s Pastors Conference) In California and Orlando at Disney! It was great to get out of the northern snow and into the sunshine!

We have been touring a lot this past year to many places we have never been before. We have been doing nights of worship, prayer walks and workshops for churches.

In some of the cities we have been doing prayer walks during the day where all the churches from that area come together and we walk the streets praying for their specific communities. We have seen amazing things take place! When we go into nights of worship after we have been prayer-walking we feel a sense of closeness to that community. We’re able to worship and sing on behalf of that area and visualize the buildings, schools and places we had prayed over that day.

We have also been doing a lot of hands on training with worship teams, giving them practical advice on everything from worship leading to running sound. We are far from arriving at perfecting the art of worship leading, but we love to impart what we have learned and gleaned over the years. We also recorded and just released a new music video for Join in The Sound…

TWC: What are you looking forward to on the horizon?

This May (2014) we will be recording a new record. We are also focusing on booking nights of worship which include prayer walks and training with your worship team. No church or area is too small for us! We would love to be part of what God is doing in your area!

TWC: What encouragement would you share with fellow worship leaders and ministry workers:

The encouragement I would give to fellow worship leaders is a prayer…

“May God give us the words to say and the specific songs to sing over the communities we play in and churches we lead. May we join in the sound with them and in some small way bear the burdens of our people that we may lead them to healing and wholeness in Christ.”


Chris & Anthony Hoisington make up the worship duo Brothers McClurg. For more information about prayer walks, worship team training, and booking nights of worship with the Brothers McClurg contact us at:

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