How Free Are You While You Lead Worship?


Thanks to Rob Rash for sharing these thoughts with us!

Worshiping freely is really tough. Especially for worship leaders.

We’ve got songs to memorize, bands to lead, and production to oversee. It’s more than enough to keep your mind at bay.

Just this past Sunday, I found myself really struggling along to worship freely. I was down a guitarist which meant I had to lead from behind my strat, something that I’m not accustomed to do.

We had a couple of sound issues and a late rehearsal which didn’t really help. My focus was not where it should have been… on Jesus.

And I Hate That

I tell my team every Sunday morning after our final rehearsal and sound check to let go of everything. To worship freely and not get caught up in the order or mechanics of the service. Yet I found myself so tied down.

Has this ever happened to you?

The goal of the worship leader is to not only lead the songs and help our people engage with their hearts and minds, but to lead them in the worship of God by example. To help them get free from the many things that snag us and keep us from cheerfully and delightfully praising the One worthy of our adorations and affections.

So how do you free yourself to worship? Let me offer a few suggestions…

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – You should be taking the time throughout the previous week to run through each and every element and song. Learn the songs so that they become a part of you and prepare your team to do the same.

2. Arrive Early – Be the first one there on the weekends. Take your time getting everything set up for you and your team. Don’t get there late and rush around… you’ll never catch up!

3. Get Settled – I’m always reminded of Psalm 46:10 each and every week. We need to ‘Be still and know that He is God!‘ Set your thoughts and minds on the goodness of God and the reason why you are worshiping. What ever it takes… get settled.

4. Pray, Pray, Pray – Pray by yourself. Pray with your spouse. Pray with your team. Keep praying.

5. Focus on Him – Again, remind yourself why your worshiping and who it is that is worthy of our affections. Focus on God and the love he has shown us through Jesus.

When this is done… just let go.

We will constantly be working on this. I don’t believe that we’ll ever arrive at the promise land of weekend worship, but we can take a few steps to ensure we offer our best and get ourselves as free as possible.

How do you allow yourself to be free for worship?

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