FREE RESOURCE: The Church will Sing


We at TheWorshipCommunity are excited to introduce you to a resource currently being developed by Word Worship Music: the Church will Sing! We recently spoke with the Director of Word Worship, Jonathan Mason, about this unique new project.

The idea was birthed from flipping through an old hymnal, attending concerts, & thinking about the future of congregational songs within the church,” Jonathan explained. Writer, worship pastor, & artist, Daniel Bashta & he were noting the songs that are still with us from centuries past, & Daniel said, “History will forget a voice, but they will not forget a song.” Jonathan added, “Those words were thought provoking, to say the least, & have helped to shape this project.”

The Word Entertainment team then asked the question, “What would happen if we helped promote songs & not people?” Though as a company they’ve launched many huge careers, they asked a huge ‘what if’: “what if, instead of hinging a project on a big name or launching a new band, we used a collective of worship leaders that aren’t looking to have their names promoted? We’ve been floored by the interest.

16427381_1141524625966310_6765970275565188233_nI remember Jon Foreman of Switchfoot singing at Harvest America in the sold out AT&T Stadium. Standing in the midst of 100,000 people, the voices of the congregation carried the songs.  All night long artist after artist stepped away from the microphone to let the crowd sing. I was struck with the realization that there will always be power in the church’s voice.” The idea of The Church will Sing is to pre-release songs to the church directly, led by worship leaders from around the USA. As congregations adopt these as their own, Word Worship Music will use select congregations corporate singing to add to the final tracks. The “win” for this wouldn’t so much be having the next big single on Christian radio, but “having a song on the lips of God’s people for generations to come.”

Sourcing the best new congregational songs from Word writers, conferences, songwriting events, via church relationships, & even seeing what rises to the top on Facebook & YouTube, Word Worship is clearly committed to helping curate a new wave of lasting worship songs to serve Christ’s church. Be encouraged to sign up for this exciting new resource by texting your email address to (615)649-0909 today!


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