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Tracy Emmons

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  • Tracy Emmons

    Hello! I'm new to The Worship Community. I love this site!

    I am the Praise Team director for a Methodist Church in Iowa. I've been singing in various denominations and groups since I was very young. Started out Baptist singing with the brothers and sister, went to a non-denominational Christian college back in late 80's early 90's and there did a lot of traveling with musical ensembles. Traveled with an Assembly of God evangelist for several years after college. Now live in a small rural community and I minister in our church and community. I give piano and voice lessons during the week, work at our Church preschool and help with music leading at our after school children's program as well. It has been a bit of an uphill climb of baby steps to introduce a band and singers to our church. Our Pastor is very loving and sensitive to our congregation so we have been slowly but surely been making changes here and there. I trust his wisdom in this because I think I would've just barged in and scared everyone away. We have such great dreams of what God can do in our lives but we also have experienced a few growing pains along the way. There is an amazing resource of incredibly talented musicians in our church so fitting everyone together has been and is a very prayer filled, God-seeking process. Sometimes I feel in WAY over my head. Other times I wish that our team members knew where I've been and what I've experienced so maybe they would respect me a bit more. Thank you for this site, it has already blessed and informed me in many ways.

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    Welcome to TWC, Tracy. glad to have you onboard, and that you are already getting involved.


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      Do you have any projection suggestions for someone starting out in a small(ish) room with low ceilings? We don't want to hit the church members in the face with our projectors as they stand up. I hope this makes sense!
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        You describe yourself and the people around with much grace. I'm sure there's a few folks here who can relate with where you're at. I was part of the process of moving my church from more traditional to more contemporary style of music. But I stepped in long after they had introduced a band. You're going to have a lot to teach folks who are going through the same transition.