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outdoor projection equipment

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  • outdoor projection equipment

    My name is Roy Aldridge and I am the worship leader of a mobile praise and worship band. We have been called to reach out to the very small churches in our area who either donít have a praise team, or perhaps the leader is ill or on vacation and they need help for a week or two. We come in and help either with the praise and worship or the complete service. Hereís my question, on occasion we are requested to do an outdoor (tent-type) service and I would like to know if there is a way to set up the power-point type lyric video for the people to sing with. Perhaps a rear projection video screen in order to prevent the projector being mounted in the middle of the tent. Could the projector shown from behind the stage and out of harms way.
    Let me know if there is such a system, like a smart screen where the computer wires direct, etc.
    Roy Aldridge
    Sufficient Grace Ministries 501 c3
    Hominy, Oklahoma 74035