Greetings all,

I am Yvette Banks, I am the worship leader at a small church in Maryland. I live to worship Christ. I joined this community some time ago. I have found the postings here informative, inspiring and uplifting.

I work only minutes from the White House; there are currently so many ungodly agendas being promoted. I have been compelled to gather a group of worshippers around the globe to sing in unity one word - Hallelujah. Can you just imagine how it will please god to have one million voices singing hallelujah? As a worshipper, I have but one agenda... to glorify God... it's the agenda, I am compelled to promote. I hope you will join me. Sign up at Follow us on twitter at @JoinTheChorus

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and worshipping with you!

May the blessings of the Lord chase you down!

--Yvette Banks