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Hi from Louisiana!

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  • Hi from Louisiana!

    Hey, y'all! My name is Becky and I am a lurker. Well, I have been a lurker, but decided it was time to jump in. Okay, so here's a little about me....

    I am a very happily married mom of six. I have been singing on a praise team for the last four years. Recently, due to some major changes at our church, I have found myself in the position of worship leader. Not really sure how it happened, except that the congregation asked me to step up and I did. I am still kind of in shock (and totally surprised by the volume of work required ), but thrilled to be able to serve in this way.

    Okay, so we are a new church. We've been together for one month now and have approx. 250 members. We have a talented group of vocalists, but only two instruments (drums and keyboard). We're praying for instrumentalists, but having a blast together in the meantime. We're totally overwhelmed by how we've been blessed in the last month, so I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

    edited to add: Oops! Forgot to add that I am at Heart of Worship in Pineville, LA.

    Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know y'all.
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    new church ...250? Awesome!

    And .... SOUND THE ALARM ... another lurker comes out of hiding! WELCOME to the community, Becky... we so much look forward to your input and discussion .. that is, when you aren't chasing six kids! I thought our live was crazy (7, 5, 3, 1)
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      What a small world! Welcome! I lead worship at River Community in Prairieville, LA! My wife and I are expecting our second in April. We have a 2 year old right now.
      Do you like coffee?!? We should grab some and talk about all our 'internet friends!' HAHAHA!


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        How cool is that?! I didn't think I'd find another person from LA on here. Too funny! So I see that you're in SE LA. I'm in Central LA, right next to Alexandria. Only a couple of hours away from you. Next time I'm heading down that way, I'll let you know so I can get directions to your church. I'd love to come visit!!!