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Intro - Tim Sandul - Lethbridge, AB Canada

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  • Intro - Tim Sandul - Lethbridge, AB Canada

    Hello to the Worship Community!

    I found this forum on advise of a good friend and my worship team leader. My name is Tim and I am a life-long musician, and a relatively new Christian. I play both keys and drums (not at the same time - I don't have that kind of talent!) on a worship team at The Gate Church in Lethbridge.

    My professional background lies in business. I have been in the automotive industry for the past 12 years as a senior manager at a dealership and have been responsible for growth and problem solving for customers and employees alike. My wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our first child this spring, and as I'm sure all parents here can attest, life took a turn in a decidedly different direction! I have taken time away from my previous career to spend time with our daughter, and explore ideas previously shelved for lack of time.

    I have found a very compelling role in playing worship music, both for myself in my growth with God and the Spirit, and for being a part of leading our church to that relationship through worship. I find a great pleasure in learning and playing new worship music, and being part of that connection to Him for others.

    We live in an age of rapidly advancing technology. That fact both gives advantage, and poses challenges to the worship team. Access to new music and chord charts has never been easier, however keeping everyone on the same page seems to be a problem. At practice, I have seen all 6 members of our team show up with as many different versions of a song, each in a different key with a different arrangement. Some have an app for their iPad or iPhone, others for their Android device, but none that can exist together properly. Some of these apps are very time consuming in the setup as I know firsthand - I have spent many a late night converting the newest charts into Chordpro to input them into an app that only I on my team use. I have found great features in many different programs, but never yet the full package.

    I am creating the solution for the worship team in the WorshipSet software. It will be all of the features I wish I had and could share with my entire team, regardless of device. It is my intention to get the input of as many worship leaders and musicians as possible during the development of this software, so that we all may finally have a solution to the Sunday morning debacle. I hope to make new friends and contacts here and start / be part of meaningful conversations about the logistics of what we do. Thanks for reading my excessively long intro - see you in the forums!!

    Yours in Christ,

    Tim - WorshipSet.ca
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    Wow, welcome and thanks for sharing your project. Love to be able to keep up with your progress and see some video (You Tube) of how it's coming and the final project. Thanks for sharing.

    Mark A. Levigne
    Medina, Ohio