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Intro - Augusto Palamares, São Paulo - Brazil

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  • Intro - Augusto Palamares, São Paulo - Brazil

    Hey, I'm Augusto, 20 years old and I'm part of the worship team (singer) at my church (Igreja Batista Central em Itaquera). Next year I plan on going to Hillsong International Leadership College, and study Worship Music (So, if anyone has any comments on the college, it would help a lot) We're rebuilding our church vision since our pastor came to the church 3 years ago. I was given the task to start a youth worship group, Therefore I am here to get some ideas, to give some... and help the community some way...

    I think that's all. Hope you all have a great day in our Lord's presence!

  • WorshipVanguard
    Welcome to TWC, Augusto! Feel free to start a thread in the "For Leaders and Teams" section. You can ask about the college, and seek ideas for your new ministry. Blessings to you and your ministry!!

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