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Intro - Augusto Palamares, São Paulo - Brazil

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  • Intro - Augusto Palamares, São Paulo - Brazil

    Hey, I'm Augusto, 20 years old and I'm part of the worship team (singer) at my church (Igreja Batista Central em Itaquera). Next year I plan on going to Hillsong International Leadership College, and study Worship Music (So, if anyone has any comments on the college, it would help a lot) We're rebuilding our church vision since our pastor came to the church 3 years ago. I was given the task to start a youth worship group, Therefore I am here to get some ideas, to give some... and help the community some way...

    I think that's all. Hope you all have a great day in our Lord's presence!

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    Welcome to TWC, Augusto! Feel free to start a thread in the "For Leaders and Teams" section. You can ask about the college, and seek ideas for your new ministry. Blessings to you and your ministry!!
    Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
    BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com